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  • Will Snyder's Attorney Helper Programs

    This page contains a link to a secure web server on which are hosted a suite of web-based programs that perform calculations that may be useful to the plaintiffs' attorneys who handle workers' compensation, social security, and personal injury cases.  Currently, the suite features programs that perform the following calculations: By popular demand, I have made the NCIC full Commission award interest calculation programs available for use by everyone. Click on the respective descriptions above to access the programs. I am also releasing both programs under the terms of the GNU GPL. The programs are written in Perl, and they are designed to run on a web server.
    Access to the other programs is by invitation only.  If you are interested in accessing these programs, please send email to Will to be considered for an invitation.  Only verified members of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice and plaintiffs'-attorney-members of the Virginia Trial Lawyers' Association are eligible to be invited to use the suite of programs.  If you already have an account to access the programs, please click on the link below:

    Will Snyder's Attorney Helper Programs